As well as providing front line consulting services to many of the operating companies and sub-soil license holders in Kazakhstan, we also help the other end of the equation – drilling contractors.


Subsoil use

General consultancy and advisory services regarding subsoil use. Services on the management of subsurface objects. Read more…

Drilling and repair of wells

General consultancy and advisory services regarding subsoil use. Improvement of the organization and management of the rig, implementing the best practices of international companies. Read more…

HSE and environment

Solving environmental issues and developing business in compliance with all requirements of environmental legislation have to be at the same pace as the economic development of the country. Read more…

Project management

General advice and advisor services. Full project management, including drilling and preparatory work, the provision of construction and geodetic survey personnel. Read more…


Development and provision of a well drilling program to the customer. Development of well design for the customer using software. Read more…

Rig equipment evaluation

Development of specifications for the drilling rig. Pre-commission inspection and testing of systems. Read more…

Subsoil use

  • General consultancy and advisory services regarding subsoil use;
  • Services on the management of subsurface objects;
  • Assistance in conducting operations in accordance with local laws and regulations;
  • Well design and engineering studies using software modules;
  • Quality control and optimization of oil operations;
  • Independent evaluation, objective monitoring and reporting on project progress;
  • Consulting in the environmental design and regulations;
  • Assistance in development of tender documents & tender evaluations.

Drilling and repair of wells

  • Self-Auditing;
  • Improvement of the organization and management of the rig, implementing the best practices of international companies;
  • Selection of modern rigs specification and completing equipment;
  • Organization commissioning of new equipment;
  • Efficient stock control;
  • Recommendations on improving the service standards  of modern rigs;
  • Recommendations on improving the system standards of safety and environmental protection;

HSE and Environment

  • Consultancy advice and support to wide variety on the development of natural energy resources across the complete asset cycle;
  • Expert evaluation of the development and implementation of environmental management systems
  • Planning and strategy development in HSE issues attributes to a detailed knowledge of RoK Legal requirements and good understanding of Client’s needs.
  • Planning application and EIA coordination.
  • Environmental permits application.
  • Environmental management plans and design.
  • Ecology Surveys and Assessments
  • Environmental Training.
  • Assistance in production of proposals and tenders.
  • Assistance in Customer’s cooperation with regulators.
  • Preparation, delivery and auditing of environmental and social management plans for different phases of the projects.
  • Due diligence, auditing and recommendations.
  • Tajik legal, environment, social, safety laws and regulations revised. Five volume EHS register (report) delivered to International Australian Client.
  • HSE documentation package in compliance with Kazakhstan laws and regulations developed for Client.

Project management

  • General Consultancy and Advisory Services.
  • Prepare for one 5200m and one 4000m exploration wells in the MANGISTAU Oblast requiring permits, land lease, civil and drilling projects with long lead items tender packages preparation.
  • Civil Tender package developing for Operator in Tajikistan.
  • Drilling Contract reviewed and recommendation report issued to Client.
  • The pilot project for the newly formed partnership between DISCOVERY (UK part) and ZHIGERMUNAISERVICE (Kazakh part) to build API 4F standard drilling rigs and equipment for the CIS and FSU market from the ATYRAU KAZAKHSTAN base facility.
  • Two wells re-entry program developed and successfully executed. Two Supervisors deployed to location.
  • Two wells locations with access road supervised in remote and Caspian Sea flooded area and successfully delivered to Client.
  • Tajik due diligence trip to KHUDJAND in the north of the country near to FERGANA operating area to evaluate potential service providers, rental property, yard space and available rail spurs and customs facilities for same Australian Client.
  • Purchase contract reviewed for 1000 HP Hydraulic Drilling Rig from American Auger including a client initiated due diligence trip to the USA to visit the American Auger facilities and rigs deployed to the domestic American market.
  • 750 and 2000 HP drilling rigs specs developed, purchase tender executed between major western rig builders: NOV, Bentec, Drillmec, Bauer Machinen, DSI Incorporated, American Auger/GEFCO, Discovery and others. Proposal collected. Technical and commercial evaluation made and final report delivered to the Client.
  • Drilling project issued by local NIPI was review and recommendation issued.
  • Tender package for 2000 HP drilling rig developed and delivered to Client.
  • Successful management and supervision of a remote exploration well on the KAZAK/RUSSIAN, ASTRAKHAN border area for a London based client. Services included provision of Almaty based drilling and operations management of all service providers for the project as well as on site drilling supervision.
  • Establish branch office in DUSHANBE (TAJIKISTAN) in an accelerated time frame, obtained TAJIK MIA and department of immigration permission to issue 25 work permits for foreign nationals working in Tajikistan for Australian client. Deployed Seismic Surveying Supervisor under same agreement to monitor Australian client’s 3D seismic surveying campaign.
  • Prepared a full package of tender documentation and supporting contract documents for an Almaty based operator preparing for a new drilling campaign in the ZHETYBAI area of MANGISTAU Oblast. Planned and managed well intervention work over and fishing operations on an existing well in the same field for this client.
  • Full project management including drilling and operations management for Almaty based sub soil user with assets bordering both AKTAU and ATYRAU oblasts. Selected and contracted two different drilling units to conduct a two well (3800m each) exploration drilling project.
  • New oil and gas assets evaluation for potential investor: two shallow fields in the KYZL-ORDA oblast and one field in the ATYRAU oblast. Subsoil contract evaluated, gathered all available data, drilling reports, geological evaluation of available data of 3D seismic and existing well production. Legal due diligence arranged with local law firm and report issued with corresponding recommendations.
  • Field infrastructure due diligence inspection conducted for two separate oil fields in the MANGISTAU and one field in the ATYRAU oblast on request of international investors, evaluating the potential for stock exchange variants and investors on Toronto stock exchange.
  • Provision of civil engineering and surveying personnel for major operator in the MANGISTAU Oblast as part of their full field development preparations.
  • Deployment and commissioning of local LPG supply modules in north eastern AFGHANISTAN as part of a USAID and World Bank funded project including pre-deployment auditing of the equipment in DUBAI with the manufacturer.
  • Development of RMS (rig management system) in a dual language format for local KAZAK drilling contractor based in ATYRAU to improve planned rig equipment maintenance and raise level of operational best practices for drilling crew.
  • Drilling crew manpower management for third party operations.


  • Casing and well head design study developed by using industry standard engineering  software for Kairakkum, Tajikistan
  • Casing engineering study and design developed for client, using industry standard engineering software, to produce recommendations for specific casing tender requirements.
  • 10,000 psi wellhead design for high H2S & SO2 exploration well.
  • Drilling program for 4500 m well, high H2S & SO2, including, mud program, cementing, casing run procedures, etc. prepared and delivered to the Client.
  • Casing design for deep salt well (7200m) in the ATYRAU Oblast, including representing the client at an IADC/SPE conference in Brazil (Rio) to capture best practices and lessons learned from other operators attending this dedicated engineering seminar of deep salt drilling in the GOM and offshore Brazil. Drilling operations consultancy during the drilling of the well.
  • Casing engineering study and well head specification design developed for client using industry standard engineering software to produce recommendations specific for upcoming tender requirements.
  • Design, develop and engineer our own proprietary software package – “SUPREMA”

Rig equipment evaluation

  • Development of 2500 HP drilling rig specification for Client, drilling contractor with due diligence trips and conceptual discussion in KIEV and STRIY, UKRAINE.
  • Development of Mobile HRI-700 Drilling rig upgrade program with TESCO TDS and trailer installation for fast moving and minimum footprint.
  • Three 2000 HP Drilling Rig inspections executed in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan with corresponding reports and recommendations issued to Company.
  • Deep water semi-submersible rig pre-commissioning inspection and systems testing for major international client offshore Congo to prepare and make ready the rig for deployment to Angola for a two year drilling campaign. The rig deployed and successfully commenced drilling without any startup delays.
  • Conducted a pre-contract rig inspection during “CHEVMONTAGE” (trial rig up) for an Almaty based client operating in the UZEN are of MANGISTAU Oblast. Provided a written report on the condition and readiness of the rig for the clients drilling project. Continued to provide drilling management and operations support for the client when the rig was deployed to the field for a four well development drilling campaign.
  • Due diligence inspection trip and report on drilling rig and equipment for client in remote south eastern corner of KYRGYZSTAN for 2500m well turnkey project.